Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas Celebration at Kalapurnam Institute 2018

As per one of our student who participate in our Christmas theme workshop held in our Kalapurnam Institute.
We are the student Interior Designing and here our experience was very good to be part of this Competition. We had learnt a lot from this competition and very happy to be part of this workshop. We made couple of things first is Snow Man and other is Christmas tree. We made this Christmas tree from  Magazine paper and used plastic glass to make our Snow man. We choose Snow man because most of the people think only of Christmas tree and Santa claus on Christmas but Snowman is also very big part of it.  It represent the snow, the winter where Santa claus run his  reindeers. Mainly we focus that we made our project from  waste material and our motto was to represent this project was, "Best out of Waste" Mostly people use Snowman from cotton but we used plastic glass and LED lighting to make a creative way.  We are thankful Kalapurnam Institute that we have learnt from here and we also enjoy a lot. 

Photography During Photo shoot

Photography is that kind of madness behind any specific picture which is not found in every photographer. No doubt he click only a single picture but how much click he did after the perfect picture, only he knows. Something happened with one of our student Malavsinh Vaghela wants to click that kind of picture which shows pure reality and he got it near  by him.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas occasion with themes decoration

On this #Christmas occasion, We celebrate it in our #Kalapurnaminstitute. Student take participate with full of Excitement and full of joy that we want #1st rank. There is a competition between them to achieve them but healthy. Some made #santa with plastic glass, some made house and bottle tree with the help of cotton. Fashion student decorate mannequin with their stitch cloths. Institute is full of Decorative things with our skillful children and their ideas.

Created by Student :

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